Identité derived from French word for identity. Strives as a means of expression of individual,. Established in August 2011, the founders of Identité belief that through their garments, they express their own ideas of fashion and style.
Embracing the distinct style of each individuals rather than restrict its wearers to a specific style. Each and every piece of Identité should act as a vehicle for its wearers to express their style and ideological beliefs.

With clean and minimalistic design aesthetics, the clothes embodies the philosophy of the brand of creating functional and practical women’s wear. Providing a basis for each and everyone’s wardrobe and as easy options for those who are on the go but still aspires to look well put together.

Less is more. These emerging fashion designers definitely agree with that statement, displaying the beauty of simplicity in their works. Comfort is a key to their designs, and being prudent in their choice of fabrics, they are able to create sublime clothing with a reasonable price range that everyone could enjoy.
About the Designers
The founders and creative directors of Identité are young designers, Jessica Yuri and Winny Christy. Born in 1990, in Jakarta, Indonesia, they are fashion design graduates of Lasalle College International Jakarta.